The mother of the fruit

The vineyard

The essence in the details

T he three vineyards are annexed forming a classic Clos wine cellar located in the center of the winery. We attach great importance to the vineyards and for this reason we carry out an integrated agriculture with the natural environment and we are also committed to never increasing production per vine as this is the only way to guarantee the best quality..
T he Clos Berenguer vineyards are essentially oriented from east to west and planted on two types of soil, mainly a soil of Licorella also called slate (Finca Reboix and Finca Solanes) and a soil of calcareous nature (Finca Les Sorts) these characteristics and the diversity of their microclimates allow combinations that produce a complexity of sensations.
P ractically in each of the estates have been planted and preserved different types of varieties the native varieties Cariñen, Garnatxa black, Pedro Ximénez and Garnatxa white thus complemented with the varieties of Syrahs and Cabernets with clones of low production..
T hese harsh conditions with a poorly attenuated climate with great temperature differences between night and day and a low rainfall guarantee optimum phenolic ripening while preserving freshness and acidity.
T he Licorella is one of Priorat's treasures that contributes in a unique way to the personality of its wines. The roots penetrate its tiny cracks and suck out its essences.

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