The winery

born from inspiration and authenticity.

T aking advantage of the location of the old "Mina la Serrana" and having cures of the orography of the land and its surroundings, we have built a winery on three floors to ensure the optimum flow of work by gravity in the long process of vinification.

On the access floor there is first of all an open and covered area for the harvest reception in 15 kg boxes. grouped by varieties, proceeding the day after the grape skidding and selection.

In the main hall, fermentation is carried out in small volume vats in order to be able to vivify each plot and variety independently.

In the ground floor of the building of access to the underground floors we find the Offices and Catas Room.

In the first basement are located in oak barrels where all our wines are aged, in an optimal environment of constant temperature and humidity for their perfect evolution.

In the second basement are the rooms for aging in bottles, as well as all the machinery for bottling, labelling and logistics.

The manganese mine is accessed through an old doorway. We currently use it as a cemetery for our wines.

Inside the enclosure is our Sales Store.